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so the morning nanny officially started yesterday, and so far I'm amazed by how exactly-what-I'd-hoped-for the situation is. She's really nice and mellow, responsible, punctual, plays great, and dd likes her lots. Just finished her degree in ceramic art. She showed up at my house, I gave her coffee & we ate breakfast out on the deck, I got my coffee & went downstairs to my office to work. No disturbances, no disruptions, had a long phone conference w/o fear of being interrupted in the middle of it. Actually they were out; dd was having a trike ride. Got plenty done, came out a few times to visit with them & play a little, and at the end of the morning the nanny's upstanding-looking bf came to pick her up. DD and I got ready & took her over to the hippie daycare for some playing, lunch, and nap, and I actually had the rest of a normal workday. Meaning I won't be up till 2 am trying to cram the rest of it in.

And she shows up again in the morning. Amazing. I don't know if I can handle all this productivity.
: I may even be rested in the morning, and I have no idea what I'll do with that.

Meanwhile, something's up with stbx, but I don't know what. He's very nervous & been gaining weight, which he does when he's stressed. Left tonight saying he was having an anxiety attack. Also asked for a few hours with filing cabinet sometime soon; I've told him he can have anything of his he wants, but I can't let him just wander through my files. I imagine he'll be dropping some kind of unnecessary bomb soon, but whatever it is...well, it's far enough beyond imagining that I'm not real worried. I don't know what else he can possibly do, anyway.
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