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I have been reading up on every possible way for a mother to MAKE her unborn child change positions. My son was posterior and asynclitic which turned into a very long labor and a c-section. From 16 weeks he pounded my cervix. It made me gasp and sometimes it hurt. I had sciatica. BAD.

This baby swims all the time, something that is new to me. In the last couple of days I could feel the sciatia building. It was really starting to hurt, as evidenced by my newly acquired limp. So I get down on all 4s, lower myself into knees-to-chest and stay there. The books say 20 minutes minimum to make a baby turn. After 15 minutes I feel the baby moving, thumping, like you'd do if you were in bed comfy and DH came in and started rolling around, stealing covers, etc. Then a few minutes later it stops. I get back on all 4s and rock, then go back to knees-to-chest. A little more motion, then nothing.

When I get up, after 30 minutes, the sciatica is gone. That was at 11am. It's now 3pm and I'm feeling great.

It works! It's like magic! WooHoo!
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