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Itchy ears

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Long story short, my eustacian tubes itch!!!

Any thoughts on how to remedy this w/o medication?
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I'd suspect yeast, but it's hard to be sure. do you have any other symptoms?
Well, I actually have a little congestion riight now caused by dd conking me in the bridge of the nose with her big baby head, but the itching has been going on since before that.

It is not constant, only occasionally throughout the day, but when it starts, it sticks around for a while. It drives me nuts.

I was actually thinking allergies. I just don't want to take any meds, but it is making me crazy!
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My husband gets that. I do think it could be yeast, or allergies. But something that helps him is garlic drops. Just get any good herbal ear drops that have garlic (such as Herb Pharm) and put in a few drops once or twice a day. Hope this helps.
I was thinking garlic would do the trick. Guess I will have to go buy some drops and then tell my co-workers to back off!

I sure hope it isn't yeast- I have never had a yeast issue before and I certainly don't need one now that I am bf'ing.
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I had the same thing! It has started when I was PG - my ears (both) were itchy as hell!!! I thought I was gonna take a needle and poke in them - it was SO BAD!! Worse then pain! I tried EVERYTHING, no results. Then after about 4 months of itchy ears I called my homeopath and she told me to buy Kali Muriaticum 6C and 30C. She also told me that during PG our bodies are going back in time and withdrawing problems we had as children. I don't know about you, but I suffered like hell with my ears when I was little so it made sense to me. And I went bought those homeopathics and week later itch was GONE!!!!
I started with 6C dilution - 3-5 times a day 5 granules and when I run out I started 30C 5 granules once a day...........that made it.
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