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Itchy Skin on Breasts

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My DD is 12 months old. We nurse atleast 8 times per day/night combined. My DD is not a great eater, so by nursing her I know she is getting all the nutrients that she needs. Anyway, I have this terribly itchiness on my breasts. It's isolated to my breasts, and I can see no rash or any other indication that there is a problem. I have tried umpteen million different creams, etc---even breast milk and such but have not been able to figure out what/why they are itchy. I find that it is worse when I take a shower and water runs over them. There is a lot of chlorine in our city water, so I was wondering if that had somethign to do with it. I went in a relatives spa tub once that was chlorinated way too much and the itchiness was so intense I had to leave because I couldn't stand it anymore! Obviously there is a direct relation to the chlorine. Problem is, we can't change where our water is coming from----and I already reduce the number of showers that I take in a week so as to not dry my skin out.

Anyone had this experience? Know if there is something else causing it? I'm pretty fed up and ready to go to my doctor to talk about it---maybe it's somethign I'm not thinking of.

BTW: My daughter doesn't seem to be affected by this....

Any thoughts?

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I've had this problem on and off in the past 2.5 years. For me it's just dry skin, made way worse by taking hot showers all winter. Try to keep your breasts moisterized (don't use regular lotion on your nipples though)....the best thing I've found by far is lanolin...and lots of it. Just slather it on there...especially before showers. It should moisten and protect your skin. I've found that some nursing bras make it worse. Can you go braless at home?

Good luck....I hate it when I have an itchy spell.
I have the sam problem, but not chlorine related. i itch so bad sometimes that i break the blood vessals on my breast (the skin, nowhere near the nipple.) Ds is not a good eater either. it is worst when he is gnawing on the breast instead of actually drinking from it.

You can get showerheads that filter out the chlorine, Realgoods and the like have them. You can use the shower to fill the tub if you are partial to baths.
I've had itchy breasts this winter, too, and I'm sure it's just dry skin in my case. I rub lotion around the nipples right after I get out of the shower. Not sure about the chlorine, though, sorry!
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