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Itchy wool yarn

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I am crocheting my first wool diaper covers (soakers). I bought lions brand 100% wool yarn from either micheals or hobby lobby I can't remeber which one. I have made, and dyed my first cover, I washed it once to begin with, then once when I dyed it with lime koolaid. I don't have the Eucalan (sp?) wool wash so I just used baby shampoo, and just a little dab not very much at all the water didn't even get sudsy.

Anyways on to my question. The cover is not very soft, it is pretty itchy, and stiff. Is it the yarn that I used, the washing or dying? Is that just the way that it should feel? I really like it so far other then it not being so soft like other people talk about theirs being.

I am new here so let me know if I should post this somewhere else or if there is an answer to my question posted already.

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I used the lanolin the first time I washed it but not the time for the dying. Do I need to use it again ?
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