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Had a bad weekend after losing some confidence in the earning ability and the deepening sense that stbx is going to decide he needs all his dough for himself. I realized that if I'm supporting dd on my own, we'll be able to stay in the house, but just barely. And I was so, so worried and sad last night, thinking about the possibility of dd growing up hostage to stbx's depression/anxiety half of her life.

But after doing some research I see that the man's still going to be ordered to pay some substantial support, no matter what. Even if the court awards 50-50 custody. And that there's explicitly no court sympathy for his yearning to go back to school and make a lot less money. We can stay here fine (unless he wants to undermine his longterm position by failing to pay support). And I think that if dd's starting to be seriously affected by stbx's illness, it'll show up in some documentable way; plus I'll be here for her, and able to help to some extent.

I think it'll be all right.
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