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Hi everyone. I've never posted in this particular section of the boards before, but I think it's the right spot!

Does anyone else have ITP? I was diagnosed about 10 days ago and am fighting to keep my platelet counts up right now. I went into our family doctor for a blood test b/c of a lot of bad bruising and bleeding and my Dr. called me the next day with the results which sent me to the hospital with a count of 10. There they were 19, so they started me on an IV of steroids and sent me home with a script for prednisone 20 MG 3x a day. I went to the oncologist/hematologist the next day where the counts were up to 27 and then 4 days later up to 67.

I asked to back down to 20 mg 2x a day b/c I'm finding the steroids are doing something to my milk supply (anyone have this issue while breastfeeding?)

A week later, this past Mon, the count was at 17.
So Dr. put me back up to 3x a day again.

I'm worried about my milk supply and just in general. I've been looking for alternative treatments since clearly the steroids aren't totally fixing this, nor am I happy to be on them (Dr.said the alt. is IV meds an/or spleen removal) and am going to acupuncture Saturday.

Has anyone tried diet changes? I've been finding that a Gluten free diet can help? Thoughts on this?

Anyway, sorry this is kind of all over the place - just wanted to see if there are other ITP people on here to discuss some things with!

A week later (this Monday)
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