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It's 2am...

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And i'm DYING for chili's chips and salsa, despite not having had them in years now!

Pregnancy cravings? moi?
baby NEEDS chips and salsa!

i'm 5w3d now, but i've known for two whole weeks it feels longer
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I'm not sure if I've had any major cravings, but I eat weird things at weird times anyway.

I know what you mean about feeling longer! We've known almost 2 weeks, and I'm only 4w6d!
Mmmmm....chips & salsa. Know where I'm convincing my dh to take me for lunch today.

I had a craving for watermelon the day I found out. I was walking through a store with a girlfriend & suddenly smelled its delicious sweet scent. There was no watermelon in sight but my salavating taste buds don't lie! LOL I needed watermelon at that moment. My last pg I'd sit & eat an entire half in one sitting. YUM!

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I've been craving sourdough, and only at night. Nighttimes are the worst for me too because I can't stop eating. I'm almost hoping for morning sickness (maybe I better not say that
), otherwise I'm gonna blow up like a blimp.
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