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So okay, I was a *little* dissapointed. I had my heart on buying pink stuff! But the idea of three boys is great too!!!

I think even if we didn't want to find out we would have. This little guy liked to expose himself!! lol I'm also excited b/c we'll be using my late grandfathers name. That is special to me

It was amazing watching this babe on the screen. It showed his whole leg and he was kicking and kicking. Matt was like wow can you feel that?? I guess I could have if he was bigger! ouch!

The upped my due date to Nov. 6th. I KNEW it was sooner than what they had previously told me. So I'm 20 weeks & 5 days.

Soo, anyway that is all with me.

ohh edited for my mothers stupid comments;

#1 oh I'm sooo glad you are having a boy and not a girl.
#2 I bet Matt was so glad (FYI he wanted a girl too)
#3 sigh, so I guess this means you are not done.

UGH!!!!!!! You'd think she had some personal stake to our decisions!

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we just found out today too (at 18 weeks), but we're not sure we want to tell anyone... you're making me think twice about my temptation to tell!

my grandma had 3 boys, and stopped after that... as she says, twins run in the family, and she didn't want to try again and end up with 5 boys! but she loves her boys, even if she was cooking huge meals constantly for about 20 years (they're all about 6'5" now!)
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