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It's definitely a boy!

Xavier Morgan Timmons
7 pounds
20 inches
13.5 head

Born 6:15am, Saturday 11/18/06

Super strong (was trying to crawl when they did newborn exam and holding up his head!...explains all those kicks!)
He 'Pinked up' immediately and cried nice and strong right upon birth.

He's got the most beautiful, blemish/birthmark free skin and golden brownish blonde hair with light blonde underhairs (will probably go blonde in a few months like my other son did). Dark blue eyes, but that can always change.
And his head isn't 'cone shaped' as he didn't stay in the canal long enough for it to be an issue.

Well, and now for the birth story!

So I'd been having lots of BHs for a few weeks...and this last week, especially, with 'hours' of ctx, that stopped when I slept.

Friday the 17th I had them start sporatically in the morning, but by 3pm to 9pm, they were averaging 10 min apart.

I shopped with boys for treats for them (had a feeling), ate a hearty lunch and baked a vegan pumpkin pie! Called midwife at 9pm to say I was going to bed, but have had 6 hours of 5-10 min apart membrane or water though...

12 midnight (11/18/06), woke up to STRONG ctx, and went to bathroom. Still no Bloody Show or water, but ctx 2 min apart and really made my butt hurt.
Called Midwife and said takinga hot bath, to see what happens.

12:45 am: Still having ctx, and the bath did not slow or stop them. Call midwife again, and she thinks she needs to hurry on over, as I did a self check and could feel head low and was about 4-5 cm (guessing). While I'm waiting for Midwives, we call MIL and I am scrubbing the toilet and moving stuff into place (my Dh, sees me and is like, Ok, this HAS to be labor...)

1:30 Midwife 1 arrives and does the first ever 'pelvic check' (she always just relied on me telling her what I though I was dialated/effaced to). She says I'm definitely a solid 5, but really stretchy during ctx, and definitely almost all the way effaced (as I thought)...with only a tiny lip edge on one side. She can feel 'bag of waters' still intact.

2:00am Other midwife arrives and we decide to set up my master bathroom as the 'birth central', since both boys are sprawled out on the king bed and taking the entire thing up!! I'm fine with this, it's a warmer room!

2-5am Chatting, standing and rocking, sitting on toilet which is really comfortable to go pee alot (was drinking emer gen c packets left and right)...they hurt my butt (from baby's low head position), but I'm actually feeling pretty amazing in between ctx. And am telling jokes and stories of my younger days...haha... They had kinda slowed down to 5 min, with a few 'cluster' ones...but definitely managable.

5am I decide to get in the tub again. They are about the same, but more intense when I get one. I'm getting a little 'shakey' and feel like transition coming on. They both think once my waters break, I'll 'go fast'. I try different positions in the tub and once I roll to my right side around 5:30, I get a mondo 'surge' of pressure and involuntary pushing. I have a few of these nicely spaced (three cluster, need to push a bit with it ctx) and find my 'groove'. Definitely NOT talking during these!

6am The sunlight starts streaming in the glass brick window and catching the 'sun crystal' ball and it's like a surreal 'look' in the bathroom. I am holding my hand down on my perinum for counter pressure and the midwife does a quick check while I'm in the water (no pain with it at all). I have a ctx, she says if she leaves her hand there, I can push against it and maybe my uber tough water sack will break. It does, with no pain, and I get three more cluster ctx with some pushing.

I decide I want to get out to deliver on the floor next to the tub, but as I lift up, get another mondo ctx and baby's head moves into the birth canal (but not crowning). I get that early 'ring of fire' sensation and am joking and sayin...ok like's burn time baby!

6:10ish I say to midwives, "I'm getting out of the tub, and this baby is coming NOW!" I manage to get over the tub edge, face the tub, get on my knees and lean on the side of the tub, and put my hand down to counter press for 'crowing' pressure.

6:12-15am They realize at this point I'm quite serious about doing this fairly quickly to avoid that 'Ring of Fire' canal pressure!!

I do one big push with the ctx it caused getting out and tell them I'm crowning, they can see that now, and start handing me hot washclothes to hold against me. I do one more push, head comes out, I drop washcloth and put both hands there. They check that there isn't a cord, and then I push and self deliver the baby into my own hands and bring him up to my chest.

They helped me spin around to a sitting position, wrapped him and me in pre warmed towels/blankets and I get to sit there and cuddle/nurse for an hour while the cord stops pulsing. Once they have placenta out (about 15 min later) and in a bag, and both of us warm and quickly checked for any 'issues'...they leave me propped up on pillows to nurse and get to know my sweet little baby!

Btw, my DH was in the next room snoring away...haha..with both boys sound asleep too! They slept right through it and the newborn 'clearing his lungs' when he first came out! He stopped crying once he nursed and spit up the lung fluid (no terrible suction tube in the mouth...he had clear lungs in a few min. upon birth).

They had asked if I wanted to wake my DH, but he was so tired, I said to let him sleep (he'd been up all night trying desperately to finish up a work project before baby came so he could take off 5 weeks straight to be with just us and do all the house stuff).

He's seen both my other two births, and this 'self directed' position wasn't exactly the most graceful/glamorous I was happy to let him sleep (it was an 'all girl' moment anyway, with the streaming rainbows of sunlight, greeting the midwives and me and the new baby.)

He's been doing all the cooking/laundry and care of the boys while I've been laid up in bed! (He even washes and restocks my post partum cloth pads and is doing the 'meconim' diapers and has them spotlessly clean!)

They did the newborn check right there on the floor while I took a 'fun' bath and DH held him and sat near me, until I was ready to get out and crawl in bed with baby! My MIL and sister came up a bit later and got to see baby and then quietly dissappeared to cook/clean and help around the house and make 'announcement' phone calls.

They did a perinium check after my bath. Absolutely no tearing, swelling or pain. I can 'kegel' contract just fine, and they said if they hadn't just seen me deliver a baby, they could not tell from my perinum/vagina that I'd just had a baby! I was able to go pee right away, (WITHOUT that peri bottle) and had a BM a few hour later with no pain. Now, the uterus post partum ctx while baby is nursing is another story...hehe...those I can feel!

It's just SO surreal to be holding my baby finally and feeling this good. He's beautiful, and is 'cooing' when he sleeps sometimes! He's nursing like a champ, and we just had his 'day 2' check. He's still a wonderful skin color, hasn't lost weight (I've let him nurse 24/7 on demand) and I think it's helped the colostrum come in strong and even a bit of milk I think I saw already today!

I'm being spoiled by my hubby and my MIL, who is just the greatest thing ever! She's scrubbed the rest of my house and helped with the boys and only holds the baby when I ask her so I can take a shower or go pee or eat....she's the greatest MIL ever!

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Thank you for all the vibes! They must have helped !!

Doing good and I am up with baby in a sling and nursing. MILK came in this morning (Day 3) and baby got a full tummy and is sleeping great!

You know, I just realized that I'm glad I didn't wait for 'water to break' or 'loosing mucus plug' before calling my MW (that was one of my 'signs' to call), as that didn't happen until baby was like just about to come out...hehe...

Sending back the 'love' to you all and any moms still waiting!
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