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A perfect, healthy, wiggling baby boy!

My ultrasound today was such a pleasant experience, I was really shocked. I was nervous, because I hate anything medical, but there were only two ladies there at all, both dressed in regular clothes, and both very, very nice. I am pretty sure this place does a lot of homebirthers, because they don't make you prove you are receiving prenatal care like all of the independent places here (we drove two hours to this place).

I am so happy we did it- it was amazing to see him in there wiggling and he even waved at us!

That's it for me, as far as consulting a professional on this pregnancy (other than my own chiropractic care) and that was enough. I know he is healthy, measuring exactly when I thought he would be, and he is perfect!

His name is Henry Cooper.
I am so excited to meet him. I just wanted to share that with y'all!

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Congratulations! Seeing a baby before they are even born is so amazing. It's like peakinig into a forbidden garden.
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