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It's a GIRL!!!

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I mostly lurk here, but I love to read everyone's stories, so I thought I would share ours!

We have accepted the referral of our daughter from China! Evie is currently 17 months old, and so beautiful!
She was on our agency's waiting child list - her need is cleft lip/cleft palate. (Her lip is repaired). We are sending in our Letter of Intent early next week, then we are waiting for our PreApproval from China. I don't think I will be able to exhale until we get it! We are expecting to travel in about 5 months, if all goes well.
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congrats & hope it goes quickly!
Congratulation : )

Evie is my FAVORITE girl's name!
Congratulations and best wishes for a smooth and quick adoption process
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That is so awesome! I love the name! I want to adopt a toddler from China also, but I have a while to go! Congratulations!
Congratulations! How very, very exciting for you.
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