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I start a full time program tomarrow and my dd is starting at the Waldorf pre-school tomarrow. she also turns three tomarrow!!!
I dont know how we are are going to adjust. hopefully it all goes well. i have never left her at all with anyone except my mom. i have never dropped her off anywhere. OMG i dont know if i can do this. i have been a single mama all her life but i have been able to stay home so i havent really been doing it all, all this time. and now our life completly changes. i knew this day would come and im readdy for it and i want it, im feeling a little gun shy at the moment. i know kids are resiliant and she will be ok. i just dont want her to be hurt. and im going to be sooooooo busy, i have no idea how i will manage. but i have to. plus to top it off if i get less than a 80% on any test they drop you. holy crap!!! stress!!!!!! i can do it, right?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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