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I need some advice.

heres the low down.

I am 25 yrs , 20 weeks pregnant and in the midst of a crisis.

I'll try to keep it simple and to the point.

Started dating babbydaddy in Septemer of last year. He had been divorced from a unfaithful marriage three months earlier. I have been through an unfaithful relationship also so i made it very clear that if things between us were not looking good, to speak up before it became a problem and someone wasnt happy. We got pregnant in December and was waiting til his roommate moved out in June for me to move in.
Yesterday he had told me he was unhappy. He could not tell me the exact reason. Was it lack of/not good sex? no. Was i doing something wrong that i was unaware of? no. The only reason he could come up with (that i pin pointed out) was he "fell out of love" last month but didnt tell me til now. We have been in love this entire time and not once did i suspect a problem til last week. He states that he wants to be there for me during the rest of the pregnancy and throughout the babys life but cannot be with me on an emotional level. He just doesnt feel that way anymore. I need him finanically (low rent if i move in with him + he has no problem supporting baby) and emotionally (i need the support from the one who helped create the baby!).

I make a small income, i currently live at my parents house (they are wonderful people and very supportive) but i know that there is no room here for the baby and I and I want baby to grow up with dad in the picture more than just part time. I want to move into his house when the roommate leaves and move into roommates room and have the baby with me. Therefore we both can be parents without the back and forth drama/driving. I know it would be hard to see him with another person and living in the same house.

I was was very very upset at first but im starting to wonder if he is getting cold feet as it gets closer to the due date. He is dealing with a lot right now as in school, working, fixing the house and now having a baby. He has bailed out on me before in the past. first time was when he and his ex were getting a divorce where didnt talk to me for two months and since we werent dating yet, i brushed him off. He then came back and i gave him a second chance. Things were great then in November his ex started calling over stupid window payments that were due on their old house where she lives. He said he couldnt deal with being in a relationship at the moment, we didnt speak for a week then started talking again and got back together... again...

He is a great guy, wonderful family and what i wanted in a husband/father. I could never say anything bad about him except the habit of getting cold feet before big events.

I know i should get on with my life and see what happens. My problem is that i dont like not knowing with the baby in mind.. I could easily say good bye and get over him but the baby and whats best for him makes me very worried about our future.

Any advice would help.. and lots of tissue and hugs!!
i really dont know where to start.
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