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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

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I'm loving all these adorable christmas/winter themed diapers and covers I've been seeing lately! My dd is going to have the best dressed holiday bum (which no ones going to see cause it's too darn cold here in winter lol) but I love it!

Check out this snowman soaker I spotted this morning...CUTE!!
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I just wanted to say, that I have 2 of her soakers, and they are scrumptious!!!
(says she who bids on another
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What a *beautiful* cover! I really
the color of the wool and the contrast between the light blue and snowman.

Tempting...very, very tempting...
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Wow- that is CUTE!
I'm hoping my son will be out of diapers SOON! So- I'm trying NOt to buy anymore diapers. Its hard when I see cute things like that though!
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