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It's here, it's here...Our first Luxe!!

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This little beauty arrived today. It was a VERY long 12 days wait, but SO worth it. It is SO soft and SO pretty! I must have more.

And so it begins...
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Oooh! Pretty! Congrats!
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That is gorgeous! Welcome to your newest addiction! :LOL
You can never go back you know
Your innocence is forever changed. Luxe baby is dangerous.......

We have 3 and hoping for more.......
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That's the first one I have seen with lots of characters on it... cool.
I'm still hurting over the fact that I didn't get that diaper. I'm happy for you but I'd have been happier if I'd been the one getting the fluffy mail today. Enjoy it in good health (and remember me if you ever want to sell it).
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Oh gorgeous! What a wonderful score! The other ppl are right - once you have your 1st Luxe, there's no going back. Though I did just swap 2 of mine for a BBB, but that's truly an exceptional case - there's not much else I'd give up a Luxe for! :LOL
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