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It's HERE! It's HERE!

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Yes, my custom-sized Hotsling arrived today! It fits like a dream and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! I put DD in it and she immediately stuck her thumb in her mouth and curled up against me - I guess she was comfy! And it's here in time to show off at the play group tomorrow! Thanks, Kristen!

Hmm... now what shall I wear to coordinate my outfit with it? The fabric will definitely be an upgrade to my regular wardrobe! :LOL

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so what fabric did you get? i do agree they are neat!
It's the "Sari Stretch" (which I see is now sold out...)
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hey great taste! i have that one too

i also have one in the blue hawaiian with purple reversible that is padded at the rail. looking forward to using that for the hip carry in about 2-3 months!
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Thanks! It's so pretty - I wish I had clothes this nice! :LOL
I ordered a Sari Stretch too!!

I hope I get it soon, it's not even been a week yet, but I am going back home to Chicago for a visit on the 5th and I'd love to bring it with me.

If not my dh will have to mail it to me as soon as it gets here.
I got mine yesterday as well (I just got the khaki stretch), I was shocked at how fast it got here, actually! Now I want another...I just can't decide which one! :LOL:
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