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It's here!

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My Rainbow Resource catalog came today! It's 1300 pages this year, so that's all I'll be reading for the next couple of weeks.

I can't wait to pick out our stuff for next year.
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I noticed that the mailman was on his way the other day. I asked dd if she wanted to wait on the porch and bring the mail in. (she LOVES Steve, our mailman) Next thing I hear is him saying "you sure that's not too heavy for you?" Sure enough, RR catalog. She managed to bring it in...barely.
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LoL, I just got mine too, with a nice side of grump from my crabby mailman!
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My order keeps growing...
My copy won't arrive for weeks or even months if it comes at all. Is there anything new? What are you ordering? I'm finishing up my big order for the fall--I've done my rainbow, amazon and veritas orders but I'm stumped on science. The place I wanted to order from, livinglearningbooks, seems to have shut down.

My big thrill this year will be the connecting cuisinaire rods--we've had the others forever but I really like the idea of connecting one. I also ordered coloring the masters books and cds. (My older two are taking piano but I should be in remedial music.) We'll start learning about classical music together, since my music education starts and stops at Joan Baez, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruce Springsteen.

Have fun shopping!
I LOVE RR catalog time! I got mine on Saturday and as soon as I finish the last 20 pages of the novel I am reading, RR will be my book of choice.

Each year it gets bigger and bigger, I keep thinking that it won't fit in my mailbox.
Oooh.. great! I love the RRC catalog! I'm going to check right now in the mailbox!
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LOL, we just moved- I wonder if it will be forwarded??? Probably not.

As for what to order- I know I'll be buying some ETC books for DD1 and DS2. And some sort of math for them as well- I haven't decided if I'm going to stick with Miquon or move onto something else. I also really want some of the state-specific field guides.

I could spend so much money there. But I have $100 in my PayPal account earmarked for RR, and I'm not going to go over that amount.
Mine came saturday while we were out of town. The poor mailman had to wedge it into our little mailbox. Dh was trying to figure out what the huge thing in my arms was. I told him homeschool catalog and he started drooling.
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I think it is so dang crazy that I LOVE that catalog

I actually spend about an hour each yr tabbing the sections and highlighting things I'm interested in. I have a running list already for my next order in a month or so.
I order at least 2x a yr with friends, sometimes 3 if someone really needs something. It pays to order with others to save on shipping, AND it's so fun to open the big box to see what everyone got! Yes, I need a life
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I actually just went out on my porch to look around and make sure the mail carrier didn't hide it somewhere.
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All day I had been reading about you guys getting yours, thinking, "Now why don't I know about that? I should try to find out how to get one..." and then I ended up getting on today anyway! I must have ordered it and forgot, So yea!!!
We got one too! And wow is it big
: The free shipping on orders more than $150 is nice.
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I have been getting this catalog since my oldest was born. I love poring over it for weeks/months after it's arrival.

I think this year we will finally order some things!

any reccomendations for a preschooler?
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Whoo hoo! It's here!

DH looked at it and said, "What the heck is that? A phonebook?"
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