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"It's Time to Sleep" - anyone heard of this book?

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I'm sure it's a 'controlled crying' method - in other words, cio..but just wondered if anyone has heard of it? My MIL sent us a cutting from the newspaper (she lives in the UK) about it.

I am not at all interested in letting my son cio, but I sure would love to get some more sleep. He is 8mos old in a few days, teething, has a cold, and is the most darling baby but he doesn't sleep for beans.

I have been telling people he sleeps 'great' when they ask just to avoid the eternal cio advice, but my husband doesn't fib to his she knows how little sleep we are getting.
anyway, just wondered if anyone has heard of this book. (I already have the No Cry Sleep Solution - but my baby often wakes up crying so I'm afraid for us, it's the 'Minimize Crying Sleep Solution')
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i haven't heard of that book...but can you share a little about what your current routine and nighttime practices are? maybe we can offer some anecdotal advice
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Thanks! Well, when James turned 3 mos old he slept for 7,8,sometimes 9 or 10 hours at a stretch! all of a sudden - weird - then at 4 mos he started waking again and it's been frequent wakings ever since. We got the NCSS and did a sleepy plan (I never did a sleepy log cause i am very nearsighted and too lazy to get glasses, write stuff down, etc, while james is yelling)

that did help to some degree, but when teething began in earnest we went downhill again....Every night we do bath, sleepy song, then breastfeed in bed - I sneak out after he's asleep. we have an early bedtime (7 to 8 - even 6 or 6:30 if he's rubbing eyes and sleepy then) he isn't always able to go down for his naps - he's needed to be nursed or driven in car or walked in bjorn to sleep (i could never get the hang of the sling with him
: ) ever since he was about 2 weeks old...
he often wakes up crying - first time it happened he was in my lap - i was so surprised - i thougt he must be in pain or something, he was only a few weeks old..but no - he just wakes up crying alot. i always get to him very quicklyl when he cries...i dont like to let him cry. the only time he's every cried when i can't get to him is in the car when i can't pull over, etc.

sigh. i just think he's a poor sleeper and it will get better, but we are all sick with a lousy cold - he's got a barky cough, and working on his top teeth - so i guess were in for a rough few days.

sorry to ramble - sleep deprived and a rather anxious first time mom...

thanks for listening. i am a frequent lurker in this forum...nice to share with other moms who dont advocate cio. my PEPS group all do cio in one form or another and they think i'm a pushover i think.
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