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*It's tomorrow!*Quick help choosing clothing/background for pg belly shots w/family

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I made an appointment for Thursday to take some pg belly shots with me, DH, and DD (17 months). It's at Sears, so if you want to see the backgrounds they have available, click here.

When we did our last family photo, we all wore blue jeans and white shirts, with DD in a denim overall/skirt with a white shirt, both had pink trimming. We were all barefoot. The background was white muslin. I *love* the way they turned out!

This time I was thinking along similar lines, but maybe with a brown muslin background to make it a little darker. I'd like to wear a button-down shirt so that I can button one button at my breasts and leave it open so you can see my tummy. I definitely want to be barefoot. I'd like the pics to stay really casual--not posed--and have spontaneous moments with DD. I'm also a huge fan of black and white, so I may end up just going that way anyway.

The Sears site says that sky blues and reds photograph the best. What do you thinK?? I am willing to go buy some clothes if we need to, LOL! Have you done it, and if so, what did you wear?

ETA: We are all very fair-skinned and all have some degree of red hair.
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I was going to say brown muslin but I don't think it would go right with your complextions and that case I'm voting for white canopy. I like the black one too but I don't know if that would be too dark for your preferences.

As for the clothes...ummm that's really not my department, lol. You might want to google "pregnancy portrait gallery" or "maternity portrait portfolio" or something along those lines, and use the outfits of the women in the galleries to give you ideas.
Yeah, I think our last family portrait was an off-white with flecks of color... Looked great! I just wish we could pull off the high-contrast thing, but we just can't, LOL!

I am thinking we'll do jeans and bare feet, with DD in denim capri overalls, and light colored shirts. I really like sepia tones, so colors aren't a huge deal. I will make sure we coordinate, just in case I like them in color.

Anyone else have any suggestions??? Hurry, the appointment is tomorrow!!
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Oh, and I also wanted to add that after taking a few shots of myself today and playing with different amounts of clothing, I actually prefer a clothed belly to a partially nude one. If I'm going to do nude belly shots, I'd rather just be nude, KWIM? And as that's NOT going to happen at Sears...
I tried a button-down that was open at the bottom, and it just looked funny. If you have any tips for partially-clothed upper bodies, please tell me!

Also, I looked at a TON of pregnant portrait galleries online, and none of them were exactly what I'm looking for. Boy, I'm picky!
I just want something playful, not super-staged, and fun that shows off my tummy, KWIM?
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I've seen several women covering their breasts with white guaze and then the same wrapped under the belly too with dad looking down at belly and children looking up and touching belly. really beautiful and tasteful.

There is an MDC mama that has a gallery in Indiana and her belly shots are beautiful, I'll see if I have her link bookmarked. Okay, couldn't find it and I can't remember her username either. Ugh. I know it's in her siggy. I'll search around and see if I can come up with it.
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