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It's too soon for this - isn't it? When did your dc PL?

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Dd will be 19 months this Sunday. For the past week or so, when she is wet, she will go to the dresser/changing table, pull out a diaper (the ones she gets are from the "too small" drawer) bring it to me, lay down at my feet and wait for me to change her. For the past couple of weeks she has been telling me when she is poopy. She can't possibly be ready to potty learn, can she? She asks to sit on the potty, but all she does is play - it's great fun to tear the toilet paper into shreds and push it between her legs LOL I know that if she is starting to PL, it will be awhile before she is diaper free, but I'm not near ready to give up HER.... cloth! So when did your dc PL?
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That is so wild! And so young, imo....
I love Angelica's diapers but I personally cant wait for pl days!!!
it's cute though when she brings me the tiny little newborn diapers that I'm saving
I remember when they were BIG on her, now I couldn't get them snapped around her if I HAD to! Where did my baby go
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I feel the same way.
They do grow up too fast.
I think a lot of kids are ready to potty-learn around 18 months. It sounds like your dd may be getting close to that point.

My older dd (she is now 3) was totally pt'd by 25-26 months. I mean outings, night time and no accidents. She started at 18 months with bringing me diapers and sometimes refusing to wear them :LOL so it's not too early for some kids! Now my 20 month old isn't even close to ready yet, also a girl.
While it is on the early side I don't think it is too young. My first dd started going in the potty around 17 months and was totally PL'ed by 22 months. Just let the potty be available and see where it goes.
Well, I'm trying to think of it as a process. My little one is 14 months now and ever since she was about 8 months she has been peeing on the potty now and then. We can put her on there before we go out, before bath etc and she will go. If she does get wet she will pick up one of her covers (that's all she can usually reach) and she'll bring it to me! That is quite recent though, just this last week. I was going to start a thread on it too, until I saw this one. She sure doesn't lie there still while I get her changed though. :LOL I do believe she is in a process of potty learning, part ec'ing I suppose. She's in touch anyway, and with my support she'll probably get there quite fast. I expect some chopping and changing though, some backsliding and general toddlerness and I think we'll be using diapers in some form for a while yet.

This was totally unexpected because my ds wouldn't even acknowledge the potty until he was nearly 3 and he still uses a diaper occasionally.

That's awesome about you daughter. It sounds like she's got it all worked out too.

I am amazed at these stories of babies being fully pl'ed before they are two! They can be so capable.
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My 14 month old removes her diaper when whe, she occasionally asks to use the potty or bings me a diaper. I am so not ready to give up "my" diapers.
According to my mom I PLed myself at 16 months.

of couse, listening to her I sound like I was a Stepford child :LOL so I take it with a grain opf salt.
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According to my mom i started around a year and was fully trained(night too) before my brother was born(i was 16 months). she said i did it on my own...i thought that was weird. lol sounds like your kiddo is on the way too...
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I PL fully at 19 months when my mom had my sister. DS is now 12 months and he has started going behind a chair or something to potty. He is even very aware of peeing, not just pooping. I think I"m going to get a potty soon and let him start stiting on it here and there.
Wow. My 20 month old still runs from me when it's time for a change. Then we get the gator roll and loud yelling. He just hates to lay still for even 30 sec. Ds#1 PL at 3yrs, 1 day. He had used the potty twice before that and was not interested. Then right after his b-day he no longer wanted to wear dipes. Only one accident and one month of night dipes, just in case. He has been dry ever since.
In my experience there can be a good year between this stage and actual toilet training. Well child led toilet training anyway. You no doubt could train her now if you put in a heap of effort and were willing to race about with a potty watching her every move.

or you could simply wait till she does it herself. Both my boys were showing these sort of signs from around 18 months but werent trained till 3. When they did train it literally took days - and it was straight onto the toilet too.
My oldest DS was sleeping dry all night by 18 months and was completely diaper free by 25 months. I would say if she is showing sighs try it. The worse that can happen is going back to diapers.
My DD is 14 months and doing the same thing. This past week she has started using the potty (just like big sis), crying when she wets a diaper and starts pulling it off. Now her sister just finished learning a few months ago. She actually stays dry most of the day - yesterday I only went through 2 diapers in the day because she used the potty, and I think 'excuse me, but I am still buying diapers, I'm not ready for this'. Apparently I did the same thing was out of diapers at 18 months.
I too PLed early according to my mum. I was using the toilet shortly after my 1st birthday, but for some ODD reason she kept me in diapers until I was over 3 at night because "she can't possibly be trained yet" according to all her parenting friends and g-parents.

I didn't have a wet diaper at night for over a year, and yet my poor mom dutifully diapered me every night. LOL.
that is, until my sis was born (a month before I was 3) and she went "why the hell am I still doing this?" and gave it up. hahaha.

This is of course in staunch difference to my brother who still wet the bed in HS :/

(and no, there was nothing medically wrong, he went to hundreds of docs. he just "didn't care" which is his attitude about everything. What 19yr old kid doesn't care enough about getting his permit to BRING the check to school? 3yrs later, and he still has never had a permit....*sigh*)
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My now 8 yo was an early potty user. By her 2nd birthday she was dry all the time. My oldest still wet the bed at the time so I continued to put a diaper on dd for 6 months every night so my son wouldn't feel bad
She started out just like your dd and it progressed from there. My 3 yo is dry days (with occasionals oopsys here and there) but still wears a diaper to bed. My youngest is definately not confortable in a wet diaper and I can sit her on the potty and she will pee. It amazes me that she understands what to do at such a young age. She gets a huge smile every time like she is so proud
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Aubrey started self potty training at 18 months. At that point she would take off her diaper and sit on her potty. About a month later she actually used the potty, and she was almost completely potty trained shortly after that. Then, when she was 20 months old Lucy was born, and Aubrey started going in her pants again. She FINALLY started using the potty again just before her 2nd birthday.
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My Brandan started showing signs of PL'ing at 16.5 months. If I asked him if he had to go pee while he was naked, he would look down, strain and pee. So, he absolutely knew "how to". BUT he wouldn't go near the potty. Once we finally got him to agree to go on the potty, he did so for a couple of weeks and we though that this was it. Wrong. He has since totally regressed. He tells us he needs to go pee or poo (mostly before he does it) but gives us a nice clear resounding "NO" when asked if he wants to use the potty.
So, don't despair, your dc *may* still be wearing diapers for a while... Oh, BTW, Brandan is turning 2 next week... and IMO, no where near being diaper-free. :LOL

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Interesting, thanks for posting. My ds (20 months) has been showing pl signs too, but I kept thinking it way too early. I think I buy him a potty seat this weekend.
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