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IUD Side Effects, Paraguard, Copper T

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Looking for any replys!!! Got the IUD in September, love the convenience & reliability. Definitely hurt going in (my son was 2 1/2, so, longtime after last pregnancy). No hormones, so that should be good, right?????

I have the following things going on & am trying to figure out if it is related to the IUD... I have gained 23 lbs (never gained weight on the pill) This weight cam on w/in 4-6 weeks of insertion... and I have excessive bloating. I have been on WW for years & it doesnt seem to want to come off (this is not how I usually am). Also, I started working out in January 3-5 times a week & again, it is just NOT coming off.

Did/does anyone else share this experience? I am debating on having it removed b/c I dont need an extra 23lbs!!!!!!

Very Frustrated!!!!
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about a month ago i was 2 days away from getting paraguard and so i did a google and found a random thread on some board about negative copper iud experiences and it was long (bearing in mind you're less likely to spend time posting info when you're satisified with an iud, as many women are). the weight gain and bloat are not uncommon, it seems to be related to a mineral deficiency/ imbalance, maybe too much copper and not enough zinc i think? i'd never heard ANYthing related to this (and certainly not from my doc) but it makes sense to me somehow, though not sure how to "cure" it. hope this helps somewhat, not sure where to find more info about it though.
I've had an IUD and have lost weight while doing south beach diet. I had it inserted in Dec, it slipped and I had it replaced, but it slipped again, so I will be having it removed and not replaced.
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