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ive created a monster?

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dd2 is 10.5 mo. shes finally eating solids somewhat regularly (as much as she wants) and i was hoping this would bring MY evenings/nights, back to how they.... once were?
as in.. a few months ago i could get in several hours of "me" time at the end of the day, be it cleaning, sewing, reading, internet, whatever. of course shed wake and want to nurse every few hours, which is fine, but now. i dont even get that?

we lay down when shes tired, she.... falls asleep? but continues to nurse. if i remove the breast she immediately stirs and starts searching for it.

after going through the above motions several times, i finally find myself able to escape. only to be greeted by a crawling baby in the other room no more than half an hour later (im lucky if it takes that long)

what is going on? this has been going on for some time, and there appears to be no sign of it letting up.

i need a break.
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