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Hey mommas

Figured I'd post this here, since any other place I've tried to look up some answers has just said to go to my OB/MW--neither of which I have at the moment.

I am 34-35 weeks along.

Started pregnancy at 180.
First trimester nausea brought me down to 160.
I stopped weighing myself once I hit the 209 mark in the late second trimester b/c the numbers just made me feel like eating more (i'm an emotional eater with a history of bulimia--not while pregnant though).

This morning I weighed myself for the first time in about 4 weeks. Maybe 5 weeks. I figured, just to make sure I wasn't gaining TOO too much, kwim??

Well I'm back down to 190!!

Sounds good kind of...except how does someone lose 15 pounds in the last trimester?? Is that even healthy? And I even weighed myself after a healthy but heavy breakfast of oatmeal. So i may weigh even less.

I have to admit, my cravings have been limited to whole milk, carrots and cucumbers...outside of cravings I've been eating fairly healthy (but we always usual fluffiness comes from overeating). I feel fine. Baby is kicking. Blood pressure is a little higher than I would expect it to be, but not out of range of normal.


But I've just never heard of losing that kind of weight in the last trimester.

Anyone got any opinions??



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I lose weight in the third trimester too. I also go to 42-44+ weeks so far with freebirths. For me, I lose around 5-10 lbs, but my total gain is about 40lbs and that brings me to 175-180 before I lose that few lbs at the end.

My freebirth babies were 10lbs 3oz and 10lbs 8oz respectively and not due to chub. They werer just huge.

I don't think it's a problem unless you feel like something is wrong. I've read that it's pretty typical to lose weight in the third trimester.

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As long as you are eating healthy and not restricting your calories, I don't think losing is that big of a deal. I personally lost a TON of weight when I was pregnant with my daughter, and the doctor just kept telling me to drink a lot of water and try to eat. *shrug* If you feel healthy and you feel lots of movement from babe, I would personally feel fine about it
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