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I've vacationed with cloth but anyone move across the country with cloth?

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In October we leave this dry place of the California desert and go to a wet and sticky florida. Ds is allergic to sposies so we are really going to try and do without them. We are driving across the country and want to know if anyone has tried this with cloth and what the best route would be in doing this. We are going to probably stay at motel 6 because they are pet friendly and we are taking our dog. And i doubt they have laundry facilities. i guess i could just find a laundromat. Anyway any tips would be very helpful, we are probably taking the 10 freeway if that makes a difference.
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No help. But here's a hug for that huge move! Good luck mama.
What about taking some flats and just washing them in the sink?? I think I heard someone mention this before. And a few wool covers since wool doesn't need to be washed everytime.
I can't imagine it would be hard to find a laundromat--just ask at the desk of where you're staying. You'd be surprised, I've stayed in hotels that cater to business travelers that DO have laundry facilities---Motel 6 is likely one of those.

I live in an apartment building and do my wash in front loading machines twice a week. I just run a cold wash with Oxyclean or even just without anything, then I run a hot wash, and dry what will go in the machine.. and hang the rest over the back of my sofa or dining chairs. I think you can do it! I am willing to bet that after spending so long in the car with your baby... you'll enjoy the refuge of the laundromat for the two hours it will take to get your wash done!

Good luck on your move!
Erin, don't go!!! Don't go!!!

I don't really have any great tips b/c when we moved across the country I took disposies. I'm sure you will be able to find laundromats though when you stop. That could be part of your routine each night you stop and get a hotel, kwim? Or just do it every other stop or something. I wonder if any Motel 6's have laundry?
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I was just talking about this on another thread. I agree with the PPer who said that flats & wool covers are good because the wool doesn't need to be washed, just air dried, and the flats can air dry quickly or machine dry practically instantly, and get reallllly clean without any effort, even in a sink/tub.
to do this sometime this year. The way things are I am not sure though. Odd and strange things are aboot.
Thanks for all the tips. I have a lot of wool soakers so if I just get some flats and learn how to fold them that may be the easiest.
Sorry Julie that we're leaving you but you know there are tons of golf courses in florida
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