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HUGS to you!

My son was conceived through assisted fertility and we struggled with timing a second child ~ we also struggled with the financial ability to increase our family.

When my son was just over 2, DH and I talked a LOT about weaning to increase my chances of conception (we have unexplained IF), doing many natural fertility enhancers and using a fertility monitor to increase our chances until we could get an apointment with the fertility clinic and go forward.

I had two miscarriages within 6 months which was frustrating on many levels because 1) we conceived both times naturally; but 2) I didn't know if the miscarriages were due to my continued nursing. In March, I conceived again and this pregnancy has "stuck" and I am 36w1d today. I am still nursing my son who will be 3.5 on the baby's due date.

I send positive thoughts and such hope to you - it is NOT an easy decision (my DH and my mom are STILL at this point concerned about my continued nursing!) but I came to the same conclusion that you did. My son is here now and any possible new baby is just a possibilty. I didn't want to be sad and mourn for weaning of my son before he was ready (even though he's nearly 3.5!) in exchange for the hope of another baby.

HUGS and more HUGS to you and I wish you the very best and pray for a BFP for you!!
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