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I am no doctor, but I went through IVF when my daughter was 9 months old. They told me it would be ok until I started the heavy hormones, but I researched it and found that it should be ok for her. So I kept nursing without telling them. I still got preggo with no problem and ended up weaning myself off the hormones early because they were making me so sick (again, the doc didnt know). HOWEVER-I am not infertile, so it is a bit different (this was for a surrogacy).
I do find it hard to believe that breastfeeding would make it that much less likely that you would get pregnant. I mean, they are messing with your hormones and that would be the only reason that I can think of that breastfeeding normally prevents pregnancy. But its moot when they are getting the hormones to the level they want, right?
You could always pump for like once a day during the transfer, just to keep a small amount of milk going, and then once the pregnancy has occured, start either pumping or nursing full time again. Sorry if this doesnt help
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