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IYO~What's THE BEST System For A 10# NB Baby Boy?...

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i've got a bunch of aios-sz small/med for once he's past the mec staining stage-but am wondering what i wanna do while he's in the yucky poop every 30sec stage.

i have kissaluv contours w/a ton of proraps, but people keep telling me the contours are useless, so i'm second guessing my plan.

fwiw-i've been cding for 14yrs, but have always used prefolds on nbs, so i'm actually a little more clueless than i'd like to admit, lol (btw-i hate prefolds).

thanks for any advice!
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No advice here, we didn't use cloth untill he was past that stage. I just wanted to say congrats on the baby giant, my "little" guy was 10 lbs 9.5 oz. His first cloth diapers were size mediums! We also use mostly contours (not kissaluvs), I think it could work...
Go Back to your prefolds - I hear them calling :LOL

Our dd was a 10-lber too and I used prefolds (trifolded - no snappi-s) and proraps for the first 2 months. At night-time, once the poop slowed down, I used a couple small fb's with hemp inserts and small firefly sleeptights.

My ds was a 10#er also, and we used small firefly fitteds right off the bat. I really liked bumpy small covers on him, too.
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My ds is 3 weeks now and I LOVE MY PREFOLDS! Use them with a snappi and feel the love...

Then go buy some wool covers. Wool and prefolds is the best way to go imo.

I did buy 7 Kissaluvs size 0 and enjoyed them the first couple weeks, but I have realized I could have done without them. (Ds was born 8 lbs 3 oz and is almost 10 lbs now). I will sell them soon to buy more wool.

I use litewraps PUL and its good to have some PUL on hand, but wool is so much more breathable and ds doesn't get so rashy in wool. I really liked the Litewraps though. You'll want the size small rather then newborn....


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M was a 9lber and we used prefolds, no guess work with a prefold ya know. I just would suggest having a lot of wraps, you can never have too many wraps around with a newborn.
My ds weighed 11+ lbs at birth. We did prefolds through the beginning. I also liked Kissaluvs fitteds.
I had FBs with bugs with the dark blue fleece. So no stains. Find some one to make you some diapers with a dyed inner.
I loved small Motherease Sandy's with a fleece liner or a fleece lined hemp doubler.
This is a toughy. My ds was 9 and a half lbs and he didn't fit into most newborn diapers past 3 wks, when he was 12 lbs, and now he is 4 wks and the ones that I could still squeeze him into I can't even snap now. So nb dipes are fun and adorable, but largely a waste for a bigger baby. Prefolds would be th emost economical until baby gets past the nb stage and you can invest in a bunch of mediums to use for quite awhile. However, I did not like trying to snappi a prefold on a newborn, they keep their leg all curled up and my guy would cry if a dipe change took too long. So I avoided the prefolds in the beginning. I like prefolds fine now at 4 wks, but he they don't contain poop well so I put him in a Bumpy when he has a prefold on, instead of a wool cover.
Ds was almost 10 lb (9,12) and we did infant cpf's with small covers (bummis and sugarpeas wool). With the next one, I'd do the same and include a few cute fitteds in a small.
DD was 10 lbs 1 oz and we used Kissaluv 0s for the first 10 weeks. She was long and thin but sturdy (if that makes any sense) baby belly. In reading the other posts, Firefly smalls would be FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I've heard that you can go from smalls to larges...

We also used Sugarpea Size 1s from about 2-3 weeks on (I couldn't deal with all those snaps in the I'd use them sooner because they're not scary anymore...).

I personally like fitteds over prefolds just because they contained the poop better for me. But I was just bikini twisting them or tri-folding them, no Snappis or anything.
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