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Hope no one minds - I am starting a new thread. The old thread can be found here:

I just had to post this AM that my colostrum is in!
Thank goodness, b/c nursing DD was getting so difficult that I wanted to cry each time she latched on. It still hurts, but not nearly as horrible as it was the last month-and-a-half.

Off to the dentist this Am - they aren't kidding when they say pg moms' gums bleed during pg. Yuck!

Everyone have a great day!
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Just signing up for this thread.

I went to the dentist last week too. I hadn't noticed bleeding gums at home when I brushed, but I really had a lot while the hygienist was cleaning my teeth. I also had a cavity.
They think it's small enough to fill without anesthesia, but I've never had one done like that before so I'm less than jazzed. I hope your appointment goes better than mine. Congrats on the colostrum. I'm not sure if mine's in yet or not. I guess I'll have to ask dh.:

We're off to playgroup this morning. Have a great day!
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Yay, a new, shorter thread - lol! Maybe we should consider a thread every 15 days instead of every month??

Good news about the colostrum, chie96! I noticed mine in a little while ago, too, though dd weaned in the summer

Not much new here. I have gained 23.5lbs as of Sunday (at 23w) so I'm really pleased. Now I just have to keep eating
: I'm supposed to gain 1.5lbs a week after 24 weeks....I'm already starting to get full fast and some form of morning sickness is back

Megs Mom - I'm facing 3 in diapers as well! My dd is not really showing any signs that she's ready for potty learning. We had an encouraging moment on Saturday when she said she had to go poop and then went on the toilet and DID!! We had a little party
Of course, then she went twice on the floor later on that day
: My mom is convinced we're stunting her growth or something, she's convinced we need to start bribing her..whatever.

I'm going to visit my friend who had twins last week tomorrow. I'm excited to see her and her boys but scared to come face to face with the reality of twins. She is having trouble as she ended up with a c-section (both boys were breech with the first being a footling breech) and is suffering the complications - low milk supply, incision infection, etc. Her dd (same age as mine) is also having a really hard time adjusting to the babies.

I'm getting quite worried about how my dd will handle it when I have the babies. It'll be bad enough that I'll have to be away from her, likely overnight but then to bring home two babies to live with us! Sometimes I look at her and think - how can we do this to her?!?

Anyway, I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing on this first day of October!
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Hi all, Happy October!

So, I am worrying about things again. My current worry is BFing. I did very well with my ds (who was my second child), he opened his mouth wide to yawn the first time I tried to latch him on, and he suckled right away, he was a champ from the start. My dd (my first) is still on my mind though, BFing was horrible, and my milk (due to supplementing) was gone by 4 months, and I still feel guilt over it.
My dh and mom keep saying, "well, now you know what you are doing", but it was ds that knew, not me. I keep remebering how hard it is to get a newborn to open their mouth wide, etc. Even with ds I had bleeding nipples and lots of clogged ducts, but I was just so happpy he was gaining weight, and between a LC and LLL, no one could offer anything to change it, but in the end it worked out fine, and he self weaned. So, I am going to re-join LLL (we moved and I was no longer nursing then, so I felt funny joining then), and even taking a class at my new hospital, mainly to meet some LC on staff there, but will I be a freak there, isn't it always people who have never nursed at these classes?

I'm worrying more about how the kids are going to be when I go in to have the baby, will they be ok with my dad? I really want dh and my mom at the hospital (it's a c-birth) dh is a paramedic (and simply he's daddy, and dh) and my mom is a nurse, so I feel safest with them there, unfortunately, they are the only 2 that my kids are *really* comfortable with. I keep thinking about how they are going to feel knowing that mommy, daddy and grammy are all at the hospital with "the new baby". I want my dad to bring them right away, but still....

Well, that was a pleasant way for me to start myself on this month's thread, thanks for listening, anyone else worrying? (I hope not)
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Happy October, mamas!! Thanks for starting the new thread. That Sept. one did get long, didn't it? We must all be feeling the energy of the 2nd trimester.

I've been slightly worried about things--the other night I realized that DH and I NEED to sit down and plan out what will happen when I go into labor. It's too up in the air right now for me to be happy. And I had a veyr fast labor with DS last time (he was born 1 1/2 hrs after arriving at the hospital) and don't want to take any chances.

My ds is adjustig to the idea of a baby brother pretty well. However, the reality of a baby here may change his mind! Yesterday we were driving home from taking DD to school, and he asked me if the baby was hungry. I told him maybe, since I was, and he said, "Don't cry, baby, we're almost home. Then you can eat." I almost bawled but had to contain it since I was driving! LOL My DD will be almost 11 when the baby is born, and I don't know if I'll ever get to hold him, I'm sure she'll love being big enough to really help out.

Well, I have to go shower and get started on this day. We have frost tonight, so I need to go and pick all my green tomatoes and clear out the garden for fall. Bye!
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I am such a goof...wondering where everyone was THEN realizing what day it is!

I think this is a week of doubt for just about everyone
I've been thinking about the first few months.... my son didn't sleep hardly at all. Now I have som idea as to why he didn't sleep. I think he was too cold and didn't nurse enough at each sitting. That I can fix. But I have really really really long fat nipples that got longer and fatter while bfing ds. So, I have no idea how this kid is gonna get them into his mouth!

I've also been thinking about how ds still doesn't sleep well and how can I handle 2 that don't sleep. I can't imagine having twins! I had a lady at church ask me if there were 2 in there...I'm like..uh, no. So, now there is a thing going around church that I'm having twins! The lady was like, my nice had a u/s at 25 weeks and they missed her twin. She was around 38 weeks before she knew
Yeah, that is what I want to hear.... I seriously doubt there are 2 now that I have seen the HUGE placenta!

I'm also debating going for a repeat c/b. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole vbac thing. I really want to do it but I don't know. I just have this feeling tht I'm going to have a repeat anyway...dh actually agreed... So, I'm debting in my head. Dh said it is up to me but I don't know how I'll feel about a repeat but then again I don't know how I'd feel about failing a vbac...

To top off my post... have any of your kids been up all night because of a diaper rash? Tracy just kept screaming and screaming. I changed his diaper and he has this horrid diaper rash. I got him cleaned up and he was still screaming. I changed his diaper again, lathered him up with desitin, and put on a diaper really loose and that setteled him down enough to sleep. But it was a rough night...

Wow..I'm long winded but I hve a lot to talk through. To get ds to calm down last night I went for an hour drive and did nothing but think....

jess--why are you having a repeat...if you don't mind me asking
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No problem asking why I'm repeating(c-section), I have no choice. My pelvis is "deformed" and will not birth even a small baby (I have checked this fact with many Dr.s and midwives before settling in to it being true-it's the first thing I heard at 16 years old at my first gyn exam), with my first 2 the OBs agreed to let me try(delivering vaginally), but #1 was a shoulder presentation, and then #2 I labored with nothing happening. This Dr. would even let me try (I think they want to prove it to me, and not have me second guess their opinion on it, YK?) so, my plan is to go into labor, then have the c-section (sometimes I dream that they will all be wrong and I will birth unexpectedly at home
). I feel the most important thing is to know that the baby is ready to come out before doing the section, so labor is important to me for that fact, I think part of why ds nursed better was b/c he was "fully cooked".

So, I get the worry of not knowing when I'll go into labor(so who will be here to help out), along with the fabulous recovery period, my only plus is no pushing, and no tearing, soreness in my vagina
, so someday when I'm ready for sex again (always takes me a long time after birth), it will still be just the same

I don't think anyone else on this thread is repeat c-section are they?
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I think we are alone in the c/b area....

My thought is...can I find an OB that will let me go into labor. Let me labor for awhile and THEN do the c/s. Knowing baby is fully cooked is also important to me...and I know that some labor is good for a c/b baby.

To me the benefits are:
No tearing
no sore vagina..I was ready about a week after

No cone headed baby

my pp bleeding was hardly anyting...I'm assuming cause they were able to clean me out...

i think if I could find an ob that would let me labor first I'd do a repeat. I jsut want to go into labor on my own. I don't want to go in on a scheduled day and have a baby...kwim?
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Hi ladies.

Sorry about all your worries, jess. Just breath. It will all work out. Try some guided relaxation when you get a quiet moment. Something that helps me with worries,( don't know if it will help you though, lol,) is to make a list of my worries and think about them or write about them in depth. Explore your worries in and out until you are ok with the situation or find an alternative that makes you more comfortable. Anyway, just try to relax. Everything will be ok.

Go for the vbac, IOF. This is your last baby, right? (sorry if I'm wrong, I just thought that is what you said before) so I would try to make it as ideal as you can. Certainly search your heart alot before you decide to go for the repeat c/s

We are doing well here. I have been on an upswing the past several days so I am feeling really good. I am going to keep up with my yoga and try to eat right and get some B12 so that i can to hang on to this good mood.

I am HUGE. We all need to post pictures on this thread so we can compare. I really feel so big already. I already have to roll to get out of bed, and I grunt when I get up from the couch and I get tired pretty quickly and I am achy and crampy. Lol. I encourage everyone to do yoga. It feels so nice and I'm sure it is helping with my circulation and flexibility. I have been doing it at night before bed and it is so much easier to get comfortable in bed after that.

I have sleep issues. I am a belly sleeper and I hate sleeping on my side. Every night when I am trying to fall asleep I swear this is my last baby. lol Then I wake up a couple of time and have to pee and have to go through trying to get back to sleep all over again.

Baby is already crowded in there. I don't feel many kicks anymore, just rolls and wiggles and bumps.
Poor baby.

Last night when I was doing the guided relaxation at the end of yoga baby, who obviously had enjoyed the yoga session, was jumping around and wiggling like crazy. It was the strangest sensation to be focusing on relaxing every muscle in my body but my belly jumping around all on it s own.
So cute.

Four more months. Anyone else getting excited? I am dying to do my shopping but will wait a couple more weeks. I have a hard time with how dh deal with pregnancy. lol Ever since I got the + test I have been dying to shop, stopping in the baby section every time we're at the store to browse. Dh has just been like "Yeah, that's cute." He doesn't get planning and nesting. I know I can buy what I want but I like it to be his choice sometimes, YK? Well, last week I said (for the third time I think) "Look this car seat is on sale, we should get it" I walked away and about 10 minutes later dh came around the corner with the cat seat in the cart. I know it is silly but it meant alot to me at the time.

Ok, this a big long rambling post with no point. See ya'll later.

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IOF-I switched OBs a month ago so that I would have one that would allow me to labor. I also think attempting VBAC is worth it for most women, but you have to follow your own heart and do what you feel is best, I am sure you have done the research and know how safe it is to VBAC, just avoid labor inducing drugs, which is good to do anyway

My worries are not killing me, just something I end up awake with after the getting up to pee (and also the not being able to sleep on my tummy anymore). The BFing is the bigger worry right now, I just can't imagine how I would feel if it didn't work out, after having been through well over a year with ds, and I still miss it, I did love it, and am so looking forward to doing it again (I would know what I was missing if it didn't work out this time)last time praying about it during pregnancy helped a lot, so I need to do more of that now.

My belly does not seem all that big to me, but others seem to think I've really popped! (I think just my thighs and breasts have popped
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I'm glad everyone seems to be doing fine
I just feel the baby move around but no kicking, but I'm sure that will happen when the baby is ready. acording to the ultrasound the baby is sitting indian style. my favorite position to sit in also

today's my birthday and I waited all morning for someone from my family to call but no one did
so I called my sis.

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Happy birthday!!

i'm sorry no one called you...

Dh saw the baby move today. My tumy jumps around most of the day. And he finally got to see it! I was well into 30+ weeks before he could feel him move. Everyone else had but not him

And like someone else said... I cannot believe how clsoe we are getting! I'm not saying it will be tomorrow but we are over half there! I know someone on this board is at least 25 or more weeks... right?

My son took a 2 hour nap! He slept horrid! Have you ever had a babe that was up screaming from a diaper rash? He has 2 spots on his bum that has no skin... Its like it rotted off.... weird... It is better this morning but it was a rough night thats for sure!!
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Happy Birthday!

For movement- my dd was the first to feel this baby move, I was cuddling her to sleep and he started going, so I had her put her hand there, and he went crazy, he seems to hide for dh, but he has felt him a couple of times. DS wouldn't understand I don't think
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Originally posted by jess7396
My belly does not seem all that big to me, but others seem to think I've really popped! (I think just my thighs and breasts have popped
:LOL Sorry, but the first visual that popped in my mind was that of a Thanksgiving turkey :LOL

Nothing much to report here. DD is still nursing and I am still producing milk, but I think it is starting to get "polluted" with colostrum. She was really fussy about nursing in bed the other night and I asked if something was wrong with the nummies. When she "hmmmm" affirmatively I asked if they were empty, but she said no. Then I asked if they tasted funny and she "hmmmm'ed" again.

I've gained about 10 lbs total at 22 weeks, but not even an ounce in the past week or so. Silly metabolism! Felt the first movement from the outside last night, so I guess there will be a lot more of that to come. DH is looking forward to that part.
Can't really wear a lot of my clothes anymore though, and I've gone almost exclusively to maternity shirts when I go out. Never had to do that with DD, but she was a summer baby so I just lived in giant tees and shorts. Ummm, can't do that in the upcoming months (unless we were in the Southern Hemi).

Starting to collect wool soakers and pants and neutral clothes as I find good deals. My mom is coming up this evening for a couple of days so I might actually get some things done without having to schlepp a toddler in and out of the car! Wish me lots of productivity! I have tons of projects, just not all of them toddler-friendly.
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just real quick....

new belly shot up...the link at in my sig takes you there!!
Hi, everyone! Wow, it's the first day, and already 14 posts to this thread!! goodness! I didn't have time to read everything. I have to get working on some stuff, but wanted to say hi and that things are going well! I'll read and reply later.

Take care! Hope your worries are replaced with more peace soon. It's hard though when you're facing such a huge life change.
Happy Birthday Hugs to you!!!

Had our midwife appt. yesterday. Everything looks good. I have gained 14 lbs and am 21 weeks so thats right on target. With ds I gained 55 lbs and thankfully lost it all but I am trying to not gain that much this time. DS was 9 lbs 6 ozs and 22 inches long and 2 weeks early. Although I had no drugs he did have shoulder dystocia b/c he was so big and it was a little scary.

I am trying to decide wether or not to have the glucose test? Are you guys? I didn't pass the firts screen but did past the three hour test. Just wondering.

I second the yoga before bed. I do like 20 minutes of stretching and it really helps me fall asleep.

Other weird things the tops of my toys are itching!!!! Its driving me crazy!

IOF have you tried calendula on your babies bottom? That sounds like a nasty rash.
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Wow, It's hard to keep up with you guys, I guess I need to check in more often.

Megan, your belly is BIG.

I wish I had kept up with the pics every week or so. I'll start now, I'll post a pic sometime tomorrow.

Um, nothing new here.

Who's got the BF'd worries? I forget. Anyway...don't get too worried. If you've succsessfully done it once, you could succsessfully do it 100 times. Just think, now you AND the baby know what your doing. As long as you don't supplement you shouldn't have any supply issues at all either so throw out those free formula samples

My worries: Giving birth. I'm so afraid. I've been debating an epidural in my own head. I'm just so afraid of the pain. If I was at home and an epi were not an option, I'd be fine but I have no willpower at all. If it's there I'll get it, I know myself all too well. We had to remove our t.v. in order for me to stop watching it!!! That's how bad I am.

My babes got a rash too. She had the runs today and it really took a toll on her bum
Poor little girl. I've got but paste on it now, a nice, thick, coat

Happy birthday Polly!

G'night ladies.
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Well, let's see, I've missed a birthday- Happy Birthday Pollyanna. I hope your family got on the ball later in the day. My family is big on calling early in the morning too so I think I would be hurt if I hadn't heard anything by 10 AM.
We love you here at MDC.

Things are going along well here. I just bought some Cuddle Buns on ebay! I can't wait to get them. They are relatively gender neutral and I want to trace them to make my own pattern and finish out my stash. I think MIL will be more inclined to CD if I have something a little easier for her to manage. I personally don't mind pinning prefolds until they get to the squirmy stage. I've also knitted about 5 LTK soakers. They're getting better each time I make one. By the time baby gets here it should have a pretty spectacular diaper selection. My dh doesn't get it either. He keeps asking, "Don't we already have diapers? Why do you have to buy more?" But since we're probably moving and I can't really get into nesting the house I have to do something to prepare for this new little one.

Bellee & Megan- sorry to hear about the diaper rashes. I don't have any experience with them, but I would steer clear of the Desitin. That stuff is nasty. Get some burt's bees or something for it. I would also consider what he's been eating. Sometimes diaper rash can be a reaction to certain foods (citrus?)

I remember doing yoga with dd and getting to sarvasana. Dd would always choose that time to practice her poses and I would get quite the belly show. It can be tough to relax when belly is dancing. I have got to get back into a class. That was the best thing I did last time. I'm also considering a prenatal water class. I need to ask a freind of mine about hers. That might just be the ticket for relaxation.

Sorry some of you are having trouble sleeping. I'm gonna hate it when I have to sleep on my sides instead of my tummy. So far I can still manage, but I attribute that to the pillowtop mattress. I also sleep sandwiched between dh and dd so for my belly's protection (they both sleep wildly) I have to hide it. Dd has a palate next to the bed that we've been trying to encourage her to sleep on, but it's turning into a consequence for her instead of a fun alternative like we intended. Last night dh actually said, "If you can't be still you're going to have to sleep in your palate."

Ok, I'm rambling too with no particular point. Have a great day ladies! I'll be checking back in tomorrow.
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Some of you can still sleep on your belly??? No way! I'm thinking it is partly how I carry. Bbay is completely outside of my body. After about 13 or 14 weeks nothing is "inside"...kwim? But he is the same as Tracy. Any little bit of pressure sends him into a tizzy! I rolled from one side to the other on my belly and he went crazy. So, I rolled on my tummy to see what would happen. I ended up with a baby trying to get out, pushing and "pulling" at my cervix and punching my bladder!

I know...I'm huge and I have a ton of growing left!

Is anyone elses babe aready getting particular? I have to sit just the right way and not lean forward. I have to sit in a relaxed position or else he takes his foot and pushes straight up against my belly and it hurts!

I'm, not sure about the diaper rash. The little boy I watch has one to. It showed up yesterday on him His mom said that she has never seen anything like it. So, I'm not sure what it is. Ds has the rash and then 2 raw spots where the skin is gone.
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