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Janome 659 Sewing machine for beginner??? Help

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I am looking for a sewing machine for beginners and I just came across this Janome 659. I can't find any reviews online and was hoping some of you might have heard or used one. If you don't have an experience with this particular one, please recommend a machine that you find suitable for a novice. Thanks so much!
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I haven't used it but Janome is a really good brand. I have an older memorycraft 2000 and I love it.
I am not familiar w/the model you refer to.

I have a Janome-made Kenmore machine and I love it! After asking around at various shops/stores, Janome was always spoken of highly.

Maybe lists some info on the machine you're searching for?

Thank you ladies. I also have heard very good things about this particular brand. I think I will get it. I saw one on Ebay and its pretty affordable.
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