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Hey all.... so this is going to be long, bare with me a bit? I am pregnant (very early, due around 1/10). I knew I was pregnant before I took a test, due to fatigue and nausea, this will be my fifth so .... I knew. Here's to my point. I have 4 kids already. 3 from a previous marriage, 1 from my current partner (she is 3), and now pregnant with the 5th. He has 2 children as well. We have an alternative living arrangement in that we live separately.... but in the same town. Our daughter lives with me. So I am completely and utterly overwhelmed thinking about this pregnancy. Money. Space. Time. I'm 36. I'll be 37 when I have this baby. Part of me of COURSE is thrilled, bc .... BABY..... lol. However I am so scared. Please tell me this will be ok.

Editing to add: Sorry for being so needy-- I haven't told anyone, except my partner. He's not too thrilled and no one else will be thrilled either. I just need some support built up:( Sorry I sound so needy.
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