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Hi there!
I'm super suprised to be joining up with this group! My LOs are 10, 7 and almost 5. We miscarried at 20 weeks in 2014 and we thought we were done. I guess not- LOL! I'm super excited, but I think it will take my DH a little longer to get there.
I'll be 37 when I deliver, and because of losing our last one, that is in the forefront of my mind.

I had gotten rid of all my baby gear and cloths, and the last midwife I used is not in the business anymore, so I feel like I'm really starting from scratch in so many ways! Anyway- glad to connect here and maybe chat a little bit. DH has requested we don't tell many people yet, so its hard not to be able to talk to anyone about our great news!
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