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I am so happy to be here with you all. I am just pregnant as well, missed period today but got my BFP on mother's day after 9 loooong months of trying post MMC at 13 weeks that nearly killed us (emotionally). I cannot believe it actually happened, and that I might be lucky enough to have one more babe in my arms. I am older, 36, and hope this will be my last LO after 4 big sibs.

Funny, but I had just recently given up TTC, like this cycle was the last straw and I was accepting moving on with my life. I just moved into a big new house with lots of land we intend to homestead, I just bought 13 chicks and a puppy to ease the longing in my heart for a baby, and have recently taken a job as a farmhand planting and picking at a local organic CSA. TONS of backbreaking, muscle ripping, utterly exhausting work. hahahah, great timing right? I figure it will whip me into shape and kick any propensity for sitting around I tend to have while pregnant and zapped for energy. Oh and I am due around Jan 24 but always go a week late.
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