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Hi. Looks like I haven't visited these forums since 2012!! I joined because I am excited to find myself pregnant with my 6th at 39 but am not ready for others to know,
My oldest is 18 and my youngest 5. I had a baby every 3 years in between them (just seems to be how my body works). But have stayed mostly single the last 5 years so no baby after the 5 year old. I was starting to get ok with the idea that I would have no more babies of my own.
Then I met my "soul mate" for lack of a better term and he has no kids and really wanted one. Of course he didn't have to ask me twice...I was hoping to wait a few more months but once we decided we wanted a baby we got very careless.Of course I thought at my age it would probably be hard to get pregnant anyways.
Unfortunately he and I are the only ones who will be happy about this. My kids have told me for years they don't want another sibling :( (My 8 year olds behavior is hard on everyone.) My sister has suffered from infertility and is jealous that I have so many and stated in a conversation after I found out "If you have another one I will lose it"
So I guess my selfishness is hurting people all around but I still want to celebrate this new life so I hope you will celebrate with me. My guess date is 1/21 which means I will likely give birth in early February and I am planning my second UC.
Welcome! I'm so excited for you! Would love to have 6 little ones, what a blessing! Congrats to you and your soul mate! You can't make other people happy, so you have to do what is right for you. I am thinking I will deliver in early February also, my guess date is 1/28. I'd love to have a home birth also, but DH said no way since we live so far from a hospital.. if something went wrong he's worried we wouldn't be able to get medical attention fast enough. Oh well, going to look at a birth center in a couple of weeks.
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