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Japanese company matches fragrances to movie scenes

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OK, this would be weird.

TOKYO - A theater audience in Japan will be sniffing their noses - literally - at a new Hollywood adventure film when it opens here later this month.
A floral scent accompanies a love scene, while a mix of peppermint and rosemary is emitted during a tear-jerking scene. Joy is a citrus mix of orange and grapefruit, while anger is enhanced by a herb-like concoction with a hint of eucalyptus and tea tree
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When John Waters' Pink Flamingos opened, you got a scratch and snif card with your ticket. The fart scene must have been nasty.
This would be a nightmare for me. I have MCS ( multiple chemical sensitivies) and artificial and some natural fragrances cause an asthmatic reaction. I hope it doesn't catch on, because it is hard enough NOW for me to go see a movie in a theatre and just deal with the perfume and cologne people wear, fragrances I can smell from the carpet and upholsery cleaners the janitors use there...

I just wouldn't be able to go.
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