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Jar of honey and poo -

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So dh's good friend is getting married this weekend and we wanted to do something funny for him. They used to work together with this guy from Romania (I think???) and Alex had a funny view of marriage: (imagine this in a Russian accent)

"Marriage is like a Jar filled with one quarter of Honey and three quarters of Sh*! - and you have to eat the entire contents of this jar. So what do you do ??? Do you eat all the sh#* first and then eat the honey??? No - by the time you got to the honey your mouth and belly would be so full of [email protected]$, you wouldn't be able to get anything else down. Do you eat all the honey first? No - if you do that then you have a mountain of sh*^ to eat, with nothing to sweeten it. So what you do is scoop up a BIG spoonful of sh#$ and top it off with a leeeeeetle bit of honey. And that's how a marriage works."

For some reason dh LOVES this analogy - frankly - I don't think marriage has that much sh!& vs. that much honey - but WHATEVER, its cute, it makes him and the groom laugh. So we were talking about making them a big jar of Marriage for their wedding (something funny in addition to their gift).

What can I use that will simulate the look of shit and honey??? Something non-organic that won't go bad. Originally I had the idea that I could bake them a brownie in a jar and top it with honey - but Cwick wants something that will last (non-edible)

Any ideas??? Maybe glue for the honey and dirt/mud for the poo? I am not very crafty - HELP!
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I've seen fake poo at Spencers. It's plastic/rubbery and I think it's supposted to be dog poo or something.
For the poo I think that the dirt mixed with chunks of stuff would be good, lol, and for the honey you could use that yellowish transparent glue (forget the name) that they use with carpentry, or get the stuff to make gel candles and tint it yellowish.
You can make fake poo mixing cinnamon and glue together. Might smell good, fake cinnamon poo and honey in a jar
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Real honey doesn't go bad- I just saw a tv special that it is the only food in the world that never spoils. You could make the poo out of modling clay.

BTW- that is the weirdest and grossest anaology I have ever heard of for marriage! But it did make me laugh, though it could have been the accent.
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You can use rubber cement for the honey. Just pour it in the bottom of the container and set it outside uncovered to dry. Not sure about "the other stuff"
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You could use Sculpey to make a nice turd...
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