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Jaren Avery..finally made his way into the world

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after 28 hrs of natural labor & 2 mins of pushing.
A loooooooooong birth story, will be back with pics and story. I am really wiped out and sore.

born 7:07am June 14th
8lbs 12oz, 21in

my BIGGEST baby
he is a great nurser already and his brother is in hog heaven with "his new baby" and DD just likes to say baby and point at him

CONGRATS to all the other Mommas as well, I can't wait to come back and read all the stories.
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yaaay! congrats! take it easy and enjoy your new little one!
congratulations! Hope that you are enjoying your first everythings together.
yahh! cant wait to read the birth story, hope this is a special time for you all
Congratulations! Can't wait to hear your birth story!
You did it, Jes! Welcome baby Jaren

Get some rest--I look forward to reading his birth story when you get a chance.
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Congrats Jes & family!! Looking forward to the story, but rest up--what a long labor!
i love it when the last we hear from someone is "oh... this may be it!" on the weekly, and then a day or so later there's a birth announcement thread

welcome jaren!!
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Yeah Jess!!!!
Can't wait to hear your story and see your babe, take your time and rest well!!!

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