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My 4 yo has very bad temper tantrums and I'm at a loss on what to do. I've tried time-outs, he became too use to that. It came to the point he put himself in time-out whenever he did something wrong. I've tried reasoning with him, talking calmly, raising the voice thing and nothing seems to work. I even tried ignoreing him while he's having these tantrums, but it seems the more I ignore the behavoir the worse he gets. Could it be that he is jealous of his older brother? He wants to do everything his older brother does and when I say hes too young or too small to do certain things, well, theres a tantrum. He screeches as if someone is totureing him and he will go up to his brother and give him a good hard punch, hard enough to make him cry. I just don't know what to do any more...I'm at my wits end. Any advice?

If they are seperated my 4 yo is as good as gold.
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