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i'm not in jersey city, but dh works there....and....i get to stop working!!!! so...we're going down to one car, so i'd like to spend time in jc so dh doesn't always have to take the train.

so...i have a 7 mo dd and am looking for things to do with her in jc/hoboken/ groups, babywearing groups, breastfeeding groups, etc. i'm working at a preschool with dd with me now, so i'd love for her to continue to have exposure to other kids, as she loves them!

so, what do you do? i'm also willing to travel to nyc, if there's happening stuff there!

and on a side note, i'm also available for childcare, regularly or occasionally. i love working with kiddos (have an elementary ed degree) and would love to continue without having to leave dd behind.

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