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Jersey pouch -- sew? buy?

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I'm going to have a couple-month-old during the summer in Florida.


We have a Beco for him (that was our go-to for DD), but I really loved a pouch in the beginning. However, our old pouch is polar fleece. Not really compatible with Florida summers.

I loved the stretch of the polar fleece, though, so I'm thinking jersey pouch. I've heard pouches are easy to make (I'm a beginning sewer), but I'm not sure how the addition of the jersey stretch affects things.

Has anyone made a jersey sling? Do you have a website to point me to or experiences to share?

Or do you know where I could buy a reasonably-priced one? I'm having a hard time justifying $60 from Kangaroo Korner when the fabric would probably cost me $10.
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I made a jersey pouch sling (double layer) using the McCormick pattern (I think it was McCormick, oh my brain). About the pattern, it's just a rectangle with really rounded edges, you can probably find simple instructions online instead of buying it.

DD ended up hating the sling, so I can't tell you much about it other than it seemed to be sturdy, was comfortable, etc.

I just wouldn't get something with too much stretch, you know?

Also, I just made a wrap out of 5 yards of cotton gauze for a trip to Hawaii and it's great. It cost me $10 in fabric and I know it's breathable and will be nice and cool. I don't know if wraps are your style, but it's an idea.
I made a jersey pouch and thought it was a great idea until I put the baby in- way too stretchy! I kept sewing it smaller, but I could never get it to work.

A gauze wrap would be great for summer, or a lightweight ringsling or rebozo? You might be able to do those yourself, too. Or try craigslist or ebay or fsot here!
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