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Jet-Dry/dishwasher dilemma

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I've haven't been putting Jet-Dry into our dishwasher because what in the world is it??? Our dishes don't come out looking great. We spent the money on a Bosch dishwasher and I'm totally displeased with the results. I wonder if it's because we're not using jet dry.

Any thoughts?
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Have you tried plain white vinegar? That's what we use - it really helps to cut the water spots. Also, are you using an eco-friendly detergent? I find that they are just not as effective as the evil's a constant battle with dh, who would rather use Cascade and have clean dishes even though it has all sorts of evil stuff in it.
Beware. I had a fairly new dishwasher and have now etched the inside because of having used vinegar.

I have gone back to using Jet Dry even though the damage is done from the vinegar. I just bought brand new silverware and dont want it getting ruined either.

Baking Soda and Borax do a mighty fine job IMO in the dishwasher to get those dishes clean. I think there is a recipe in a stickey here on Mothering about it..
I use ecofriendly stuff and just deal with spots. We really don't care as long as they're sanitized, which the dishwasher does.

Sorry I can't be more help!
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Despite etching on glassware, which I think was due to soft water, I was perfectly happy w/our old maytag. We did not use jetdry

When we moved to a new home w/moderately hard city water our new energy efficient Asko was a huge disappointment until we started using Jetdry.

Have you seen this:

I have not tried it. It seems pretty pricey to me, but does claim to be all natural.

Asquaredmom, cool! I'm definitely going to try the earth-friendly rinse aid. I bet my co-op has it. Thanks!
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