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Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Barbara Walters & the view!

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I just rewound it on my dvr so I could hear it again.

Jimmy is awesome. He played the original bit - where she says that she was on a plane, with her hairdresser, and a lady came on and was nursing when they were taking off, and didn't cover the baby with a blanket and babs says "It made US uncomfortable" (audience boos) Jimmy then played the call from babs to the show - and she starts talking about how she was on a shuttle and the man next to her in the middle - a woman sat down and started breastfeeding her child and it made HIM uncomfortable. She goes on and on about how she's all for breastfededing. Then Jimmy plays back the original tape where she says "It made US uncomfortable" and Jimmy says "now she's a mysogynist and a liar" audience laughs. Then he says flippantly - speaking on behalf of kids who were breastfed until they were 8 - I am outraged. (dork)

Anyways I love how he played the two bits one after another - OK so he's on late night and noone else is up watching - but way to go Jimmy

Glad Barbara wasn't next to me - you have to nurse your baby on take off to keep the ears from popping - I would have done the same thing
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OK I'm a dork - someone already mentioned this on the big view thread - and I can't figure out how to delete it. Sorry
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ill post the links to the version i recorded

ok small/low quality version of it:

little bit larger/clearer version of it:
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