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Hello! I need some advice:

I'm job hunting for a student practicum position for the summer (in public health inspection). I am limited to two health units, at least for this summer, because my son has his daycare here. Next summer I graduate and will move if necessary for a full time position. Anyway, so I called my top choice way back at the end of January and spoke to the hiring manager there who said I could send in my resume anytime but the job ad wouldn't be up for another month. I dropped off my resume the following week. Early March there still wasn't any job ad. So I called again and asked if she had my resume and just let her know I was still interested. She confirmed that she had my resume and said the job ad would be up within the month. The job ad has now been posted! Should I call again, just to say that I'm still interested? Or just let it be.. I think it was almost 3 weeks ago when I last called. But she did say she had my resume and I didn't need to resubmit a resume when the ad came up. This is my absolute top choice of places to work and I really don't want to screw anything up!

My second choice health unit I have called twice and left messages with the hiring manager and never get a response. I've also dropped off a resume but there is still no job ad posted (although when I dropped my resume off the receptionist said they usually have positions in the summer). But as it is I think I may only have the one place as an option! Makes me a bit nervous :/

I have two assignments for classes to finish and then I want to do some interview prep just in case I get a call.. I'm so nervous about this process!
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