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Job Interview

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I am trying to get out of my FT job and have an interview at Ikea this Thursday for a possible PT option (to work around DH's schedule).

I am pretty overweight, so that when I am not wearing maternity clothes, it is not that obvious that I am pregnant. Who in their right mind will dare ask an overweight woman if she is pregnant? :LOL

Do I mention it in the interview? If not, when would I bring it up? This is supposedly a family friendly workplace, but I just don't know when it would be best to discuss this.

Any ideas?
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Ooh, Jenn, this is a great question. I think this article explains a lot better than I can...

Happy gestating & best wishes on the job hunt!
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I started my current job when I was around 14 weeks pregnant. I didn't tell them until I was around 4 1/2 months. I don't think it's necessary to let them know in the interview, besides, it is discrimination and against the law to not hire a woman because she is pregnant. And even if it's not the direct reason for not hiring you, they could make up some lame excuse as to why they won't/don't hire you.

I felt bad for not saying something in the interview because I'm an honest and open person and thought at the time that I would not be there for very long, but it's turned into something that I can come back and do on a part-time basis after the baby is born and possibly bring the baby with me. You never know how things will work out at the job.

You're not due for a while, so it's not like you'll be quitting in a month. I told my employers right around the time that I was starting to show. I didn't want them to realize that i was pregnant before I told them or I didn't want people in the office to start speculating about me being pregnant (not that they would, it's an office full of men!) My boss was very kind and receptive - and excited for me.

So, no, I don't think it's necessary to tell them in the interview - but if it would make you feel better... that's just my experience and two cents. Good luck!
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I wouldn't personally tell them. If you wanted to, go ahead, but it's not something that is relevant to the interview, and it would probably not help you to get the job.
Remember that it's illegal for them to ask!
Well I own my own daycare so when interviewing for possiable children I told the parents out of respect. However I ended up not getting one single child and not one parent being discreet about the fact that it was because I was pregnant! However I armed them with all the knowledge needed to decide whether this was a good place for their child! Now I'm due in a week so I don't think that anyone would bring their child here! Plus whats the point! :LOL But I don't think your situation would warant feeling guilty! Plus you have much further to go than I did when I started telling parents! Good luck at your interview!
I'm a human resources professional and here is my opinion. If I were you I would not say anything in the interview process. Instead, I'd let them determine based on your interview whether they want to hire you or not. Then, when they call you with an offer, I'd say, " Thank you. I'm very excited about the opportunity to work for you. HOwever, now that you have gotten to know my background and skills I also wanted to be sure that you knew that I'm expecting a baby in ____ (september or whatever). I wanted to be sure this wont pose a problem." Then, I'd see what they say. It is completely illegal for them to withdraw the offer after you tell them this and any hiring manager or HR person with any sense knows this... so you are 99% safe that they wont... yet technically you've informed them of your pregnancy before you started working there... so they can't hold your non-disclosure against you.
went through this around 20 weeks this time around, and definitely feel it's none of their business, not to mention illegal for them to consider it. by 20 weeks i was pretty obvious, but still never mentioned it. got the job by the way! plus, ikea prides themselves with their family friendly philosophy, so i don't feel it would be a major disadvantage. good luck!
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