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Job interviews, etc...

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Hey mamas;
Thought you'd all be interested in knowing I finally had the job interview in New Haven. I think it went pretty well, but I'm the first of 4 candidates & they won't finish up until mid-July, so I won't know anything for a while.

But the visit didn't go so well for dh (dd & he had a very rough night while I was gone) and now I'm starting to get not-so-subtle weaning pressures, and need perspective of other WOHMs on my situation. I put a long post in Extended BF'ing...
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Hey, Nate!

Glad to hear the interview went well! Maybe we'll get you East yet!

Sorry that DH and DD had a rough time of it, though. I've never been away overnight yet from my younger dd, but even the occasional late evening out is enough to throw her completely off, because she is not a self-soother in any way, shape or form. And my DH gets a little huffy about "not being able to do anything with her" when I'm gone.

I'd just tell your DH that this was a "learning experience," and now you know not to try that again right's that? It acknowledges that you appreciate the difficulty of the situation he was in, but doesn't make it all your fault for leaving. (I'm all for shared responsibility here!)

Let us know about the job.

Yes, well, after this recent visit w/ his mom, moving back to New England is no longer such a priority for dh. Oy. So frustrating!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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