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This is likely a longshot, but I think I saw something similar posted in here before for another area. So I figured, what the heck... might as well give it a shot.

I'm looking for something I could do either online or in the Seattle - Everett area (some eastside--Bothell/Kirkland/etc is fine too) while 18-month dd is still with me. I already work on Sundays, plus do some online work for a local business, but I could always drop the former if I find something that pays better, and need Sunday free to do it. I could also work late evenings without dd if need be, just not every single day, lest I die from exhaustion.

I know this must be darn near impossible... but surely there must be some hope...

I've hounded Craigslist, and after wading through the BS, have seen some stuff that might have worked, if not for some minor detail like location.

Anything? Do you know anyone that needs regular help with something and can pay a reasonable wage? I can elaborate on my skills and experience if need-be.

Thanks for reading.
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