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Job's Tears?

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Has anybody here cooked with job's tears? I found some at my HFS, and want to try them
They're listed as "wild barley", though poking around online I see that they're not closely related to barley and that they're gluten-free. Do they taste similar to barley? Will they provide a similar effect if I use them in soup? The grains were white - I assume that means they're hulled, not whole. So, from an NT perspective, I guess they won't sprout; but should I still soak them? Does anybody know where to buy whole grain job's tears? Better yet, organic whole grain job's tears?
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In Korea they make a porridge-y tea out of it and barley. It was pretty yummy.

We had some around fairly recently but it was kinda old when we bought it so it did not have a very good taste like I remember from the aforementioned tea. We ground it into porridge.

I've never seen whole-grain (or organic) job's tears, I think they have to hull it b/c it has a pretty hard shiny coat (they make them into necklaces!)

I'd probably soak them with either whey or another grain that you know still has the phytase to help break them down.
Oh lucky duck! Our Whole Foods doesn't carry them and I order them online.

They are wonderful. I get them here (unrefined):

They also have them polished:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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