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Does anyone have the Saftety First Jogger Stroller, or any jogger stroller? When we got it, it had said on the box not to go jogging with an infant under 20lbs, ok, makes sense. However, in the inside instructions, it says not to even go walking with it till the baby is at least 6 months old. I had called their info line to inquire about this and the guy just said it must be how the seats are made. However, the rear facing seat goes back on a big incline - more so than the bouncy chair or swing. So I was thinking it had to do with head control? But it doesn't make too much sense? When did you use your stroller?
I just want to use it for long walks outside since I can't really fit her in the sling with her snowsuit on, so I just carry her, and therefore can't go to far
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