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jogging stroller

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I know that it's not recommended to use one before 6 months, but has anyone used one before then? My little one (3 mo.) is getting too heavy to take on long sling walks, so I was thinking of using the stroller just for fast walking. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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It depends on whether your stroller'll probably be fine if it does. If you've got a Baby Jogger-type stroller that doesn't, the baby might get a little slumpy. I'd just take it for a quick spin around the block and see if the baby stays put - it won't hurt anything to try it if you're keeping a close eye out!
my only issue with jogging strollers and the one reason we haven't bought one yet... is that most are hard to stear... you have to lift the front tire to turn it... I figure if I'm going to spend that much on a stroller I'd rather buy a four rubber wheeled one

I agree with nonnymoose... if it reclines I'm sure it's fine

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My little guy (almost five months) loves his jogger. He has had great head/neck control from early on and within his first two months was made furious by his reclining normal stroller. The jogger sort of cradles his butt and back and he loves to look around. We started using it about a month ago and he is still floppy when asleep, which I don't like, but for short walks, it is great.
This is OT, but answering minicooper... I've been told that there are "jogging" strollers with a swiveling front wheel. But if you're going to run with it at all, you're better off with the "stiff" stroller; they're designed that way so they don't jackknife.
is that most are hard to stear... you have to lift the front tire to turn it...
Ive actually found the opposite, they are extremly lightweight and very easy to steer. More so than a conventional stroller, IMHO.

The ones that are hard to steer are the big chariot/burleys... hate those....

Look for a no-frills light-weight jogging stroller, some of the new fancy ones are really heavy, and since almost all of them pull slightly to one side, the heavy ones leave your arms tired fast.
I bet I'm preaching to the choir but......if you're just walking with the jogging stroller your 3 month old should be fine. I believe they say not to put babies younger than 6 months in joggers b/c when mom/dad is jogging the babe is jarred around too much which is hard on his neck.

I love my jogging stroller (my family does too), I won't go back to the traditional stroller again. Those things are a mess to deal with. If you are just walking with the baby in the stroller and as long as the buckle is used correctly the baby should be fine, it is when the parent (or whomever) is jogging with the baby in the stroller that they say you should wait.

I notice that my jogging stroller is great to turn, go straight, and back up with no problems. What jogging strollers have you tried that do this? I have a Bell.
I dunno what brand it was.. but it was heavier than I thought it should be so maybe that was the problem... I also have a thing for three wheeled strollers would prefer four
and for them to be rubber... the stroller we have now has those hard plastic ones and can we say no shocks lol

right after I posted last time I went for an hour and a half walk and saw a lady with her baby in a jogging stroller... baby was maybe 2 months old and seemed fine... asleep and fine
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I've been using our jogging stroller for walks since ds was 4 weeks old. He was at least 12 pounds by then and had good head control from birth. He did squish up a bit when he'd sleep but no more than in his car seat.

I love that stroller!
Thanks everyone. I feel better about taking him for walks in it. I can walk fast enough to get some cardio exercise; no need to jog at this point. I'm not sure what kind of stroller i have yet. my dh's aunt bought us a used one and it's on its way. hopefully it isn't one that's hard to turn! either way, I'll just be glad to get out of the house and doing some exercise. Thanks again!
momandmore2, there are a few things to look at with jog strollers. Does the seat recline? If not, I'd wait a little while. No matter how good their head control is it can be a lot of strain for them to have to hold their head upright. How tilted is the seat? If it tips back far enough you might be fine. What is the stroller made of? Aluminium is much lighter than steel for instance, that will make a big difference. Like everyone already said, big difference between walking and jogging. Lastly, there is actually an insert you can buy for smaller infants. I used it with my son about 3 or 4 months. I can't remember the name but it was a puffy sort of "bed" you set in the seat and then set the baby on top of it. It just occupied more space in the stroller so they wouldn't bounce around.
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