Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard they try, fathers can't do anything right.
Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard they try, fathers can't do anything right.

Our culture spends much time trying to get fathers to step up to the plate. From giving baths to changing diapers, we want dads to take an equal part in child-rearing duties.

This week, John Stamos did just that. In an adorable photo posted by the 54-year-old actor on Bk_gvrDBd0v[/MEDIA]]Instagram, Stamos is seen carrying his three-month-old son, Billy, through Times Square. Baby Billy is seen facing-forward and peeking out over the top of the carrier, seemingly content.

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My first thought in seeing the photo was "Rock that baby carrier, Uncle Jessie." I expected to read responses filled with praise and congratulations for an attachment-parenting job well done.
Instead, I was surprised by several unsolicited comments about the careless way in which his son was being held. Just a few of the responses:

"He needs to be curled up, like in mommy's belly, for his spine to develop correctly. Also, he can't shut out the noise from the streets as easily as if he sat the other way around."

"The baby should not be facing forward if he doesn't have full head control."

"The baby must go head to chest with you, that's the wrong way carrying him because his back suffers..."

"He's too young to comfortably and safely be worn forward facing! His little hips are not ready!"

It appears that many people lost sight of the fact that Stamos, a father, was carrying his baby safely through the largest city in the U.S.

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In defense of some of the respondents, many baby-carrier companies such as Ergo baby and BABYBJÖRN do recommend waiting until a baby is four to six months old and able has full control of their head. However, as Eco Baby steps points out, there isn't any substantiating evidence suggesting that forward-facing is harmful to an infant's developing hips.

Can't we all just have a little mercy on John Stamos? He's rocking this fatherhood thing and, in all likelihood, Little Billy will be just fine.

Photo: Bk_gvrDBd0v[/MEDIA]]John Stamos Instagram